Nunii Global System

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Global System = 1 combination peel + 1 Expert Pigment Corrector+ 1 Evenlite

The UNIQ-GLOBAL® system protocol from NUNII LABORATOIRE is indicated for the treatment of hyperpigmentation or skin with imperfections.
This protocol is composed of two steps :

Step 1:
Combination Peel: superficial peel with 32% active acids and pH of 1.6.

Step 2:

Expert Pigment Corrector: treatment treating hyperpigmentation by regulating melanogenesis.


Evenlite: treatment treating bacterial proliferation and reducing skin imperfections.


Features of UNIQ-GLOBAL® system

The UNIQ-GLOBAL® protocol in two stages : treatment in the doctor's office and the home protocol. Complete and effective support for your patients according to the indication (hyperpigmentation or skin imperfections).

Adapt the application of the treatment according to the indication to be treated of your patient :
- Expert Pigment Corrector : Inhibits the maturation of the tyrosinase enzyme and the transfer of melanosomes to epidermal keratinocytes
- Evenlite : Regulates sebum and treats post-inflammatory pigmentation

Product benefits
A unique complex of highly concentrated ingredients, in a tested formulation effective in the treatment of skin with imperfections :

The Peel Combination (100ml) acts on 3 actions :
- Depigmenting : 4.5% Lactic Acid and 1% Mandelic Acid
- Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory : 2% salicylic acid
- Cell renewal, exfoliation : 24.5% glycolic acid

The Expert Spot Corrector (50ml ) :
- Decreases tyrosinase : Alpha Arbutin, Glabridine
- Blocks the transfer of melanin to keratinocytes: Niacinamide, Vitamin C
- Accelerates the exfoliation of pigmented cells : Skinperf Complex 2% (Glycolic, Citric and Lactic Acids)

The Evenlite (50ml) :

- Regulates sebum : Retinol
- Astringent, Antiseptic and Antibacterial : Salicylic acid
- Exfoliates and facilitates the penetration of active ingredients : Mandelic and Lactic acid.

Instructions for use

The UNIQ-GLOBAL® system protocol is carried out in a doctor's office, with 4 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart. In home relay, the patient will have to apply the Expert Spot-Corrector or Evenlite daily every night for 2 months.
Apply 2 ml (2 doses) of Combination Peel to the area to be treated, leave on for 2 minutes and neutralize the peel by rinsing with clean water. Then apply in a thick layer the Expert Spot Corrector or the Evenlite according to the indication to be treated. The patient should leave the product on and not rinse for 8 to 12 hours.