Uniq Clear System

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Uniq Clear System = 1 Combination Peel + 2 Evenlite
The UNIQ-CLEAR® system protocol from NUNII LABORATOIRE is indicated in the treatment of skin with imperfections.
It treats juvenile acne, inflammatory acne and acne-related post-inflammatory pigmentation.

This protocol is composed of two steps :

Combination Peel :superficial peel with 32% active acids and pH of 1.6 (100ml pump bottle).
Evenlite : corrective care that fights against bacterial proliferation while reducing skin imperfections (50ml pump bottle).


Features of the UNIQ-CLEAR® system kit

The UNIQ-CLEAR® protocol in two stages : the treatment in the doctor's office and the protocol at home. A complete and effective accompaniment for the treatment of acne-prone and seborrheic skin.

The complex formulation of ingredients acts effectively on the sebaceous glands and post-inflammatory pigmentation :
- Regulates sebum
- Exfoliates and depigments post-inflammatory pigmentation
- Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and astringent

Product benefits
A unique complex of highly concentrated ingredients, in a tested formulation effective in the treatment of skin with imperfections:
The Combination Peel acts on 3 actions :
- Depigmenting: 4.5% Lactic Acid and 1% Mandelic Acid
- Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory: 2% salicylic acid
- Exfoliation and cell renewal: 24.5% glycolic acid
The Evenlite: - Regulates sebum: Retinol
- Astringent, Antiseptic and Antibacterial: Salicylic acid
- Exfoliates and facilitates the penetration of active ingredients: Mandelic and Lactic acid
Instructions for use
The UNIQ-CLEAR® system protocol is carried out in a doctor's office, with 4 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart between each treatment. In home relay, the patient will have to apply Evenlite daily every night, for 2 months.
Apply 2 ml (2 doses) of Combination Peel to the area to be treated, leave on for 2 minutes and neutralize the peel by rinsing with clean water. Then apply in a thick layer Evenlite. The patient should leave the product on and not rinse for 8 to 12 hours.